Bio-gen Extracts Pvt. Ltd, India, established in the year 2000, is a GMP Certified, fine chemicals company that specializes in the process development and manufacture of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Therapeutic Enzymes, Specialty Polymers & Nutraceutical Raw Materials. Our expertise in organic synthesis, process development and a controlled supply chain enables us to provide customers with high quality Bulk Actives at competitive prices. State-of-the-art equipment and instruments give us the edge to compete globally. The infrastructure, with its optimum installed capacities and capital costs, gives us sustainable competitive cost advantage. We have superior technical & innovation capabilities courtesy our people, who have repeatedly proven their ability to rise to the challenges.

  Manufacturing Capability
Bio-gen Extracts has commissioned an EU-GMP compliant API manufacturing facility at Dobbespet Industrial Area, Bangalore to be fully operational in 2011. Our comprehensive manufacturing services include R&D labs, pilot plants, technical services, quality control, quality assurance and regulatory affairs.

Our rigorous and systematic approach to project management is complemented by experienced staff with excellent technical and practical problem-solving skills. Together, these elements guarantee an unfailing and consistent quality of end product and service.

Bio-gen Extracts is the largest manufacture of Ritodrine Hydrochloride & Haemocoagulase Enzyme. We have successfully filed the DMF (CTD) for Ritodrine Hydrochloride in the European Market in 2006

Bio-gen Extracts is also one of the largest manufacturers of Chondroitin Sulphate, Glucosamine Salts, MSM, Soy Isoflavone 40% & Bromelain Enzyme in India.
  Market Presence
Since starting operation in 2000, Bio-gen Extracts has come to be recognized in the market as a reliable supplier of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Therapeutic Enzymes, Specialty Polymers & Nutraceutical Raw Materials to the domestic and global market.

In India, we are recognized suppliers to brand leaders in their respective segments owing to our strong delivery commitments. We have benefited from good working relationships with our core customers for over 5 years. We have entered into supply agreements with companies in the UK, Spain, Italy and Turkey for the supply of Ritodrine Hydrochloride.

Bio-gen Extracts’ Bulk Actives are marketed to leading pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturers worldwide. We are suppliers to over 300 customers globally. Bio-gen Extracts’ customers include reputed companies in the Indian Subcontinent, South-East Asia, West Asia, Latin America, Africa and parts of Europe.
  Awards and Recognition
Bio-gen Extracts was awarded the Udyog Shiromani Award by the National Economic Institute of Development for Excellence in Quality and Management in 2008. The company has registered consistent growth and has catered to the top manufacturers of API, Therapeutic Enzymes, Natural Extracts and Nutraceuticals in India
  Research and Development
  We have made investments in production related developments like R&D and packaging. Bio-gen Extracts has launched in October 2010 two new products arising from its R&D efforts
Ferrous Ascorbate for iron deficiency anemia
Hemocoagulase enzyme in a new formulation
  Our future R&D efforts will be in product development for the nutraceutical space.


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